About Us

One of the leading grille, diffuser and damper manufacturers in the ACMV Building.

We have 30 years of working experience behind us in sheet metal fabrication and the grille manufacturing industry. The factory has grown from a humble beginning in a small workshop in woodlands to the present factory space in Tuas, occupying 2678 square metres of factory space. We are now one of the leading air diffuser equipment manufacturers in Singapore and expanding through exports to the ASEAN countries. Our production floor is now equipped with essential machineries for sheet metal working, ranging from shearing machine, bending machine, argon welding, spot welding, a computer aided profile cutting machine for duct works, mould stamping, to spray pairing booth mainly for our powder coating and enamel baked finishes and other smaller machineries. We now have a workforce of more than 50 skilled workers and operators.

From the request of our many customers who have benefited from our services, we have increased our products from air diffusion equipment to include fire dampers, volume dampers and variable air-volume terminals since 1995. We have also managed to secure the rights to represent several well know manufacturers from the USA, Germany and Sweden for their line of speciality air diffusion products, such as stamped steel diffusers, jet diffusers and disc diffusers.